Wildcards-Clan.eu is a German-Greece- Gaming Community foundet in 2011. Playing Computer Games can be quite lonesome sometimes - So we foundet this Community to stick and work together. Main languages on our own Teamspeak 3- Server is english, but we also understand german, greece and a little french. Join us!   Checkout for Battlefield 3! This Site is in progress. I try to fill the pages in the next weeks. Please help with text and all other stuff and.. stop laughing about my horrible english! mfg, thaz (ger) Welcome We have our own 24Slot Teamspeak 3 Server. So everybody easily is able to join without stop gaming. We don’t want ProGamer or Kids! Everybody of us is 18+, ambitious but not  small-minded, Often we’re just hanging around to talk bull. © erstellt 2011 wildcards-clan.eu